Caribou Coffee Menu – Hand-Crafted Beverages & Waffles

One of the famous Coffeehouse chains in the country and across the world, Caribou Coffee was formed in the year 1992 in Minnesota. With its presence in few other regions including Asia, Africa, Middle east & Europe. Caribou Coffee Menu is most famous for its Pumpkin drinks including the Pumpkin Mocha and Pumpkin Latte. This is also a fast food casual chain of restaurants that serves all day breakfast. This Article gives you complete Caribou Coffee Menu.

Caribou Menu is also famous for Nitro drinks including Nitro Mocha and Nitro Cold Press. When it comes to Coffee itself, the unwavering commitment towards real ingredients and high quality made the brand to stand at where it is right now. Extraordinary Customer service and great community culture is what makes Caribou Coffee to what it is today.

Caribou Coffee Menu

Caribou Menu has plenty of Coffee menu options of course. Apart from coffee, they also serve

  • Pumpkin Mocha and more
  • Nitro Mocha and more
  • Pumpkin Cake Pop
  • Maple Wafle Sandwich
  • Bousted Blasts
  • Coffee Blended Beverages
  • Pumpkin Chai

Apart from these, they also serve All day breakfast with items like 

  • Lumberjack
  • Ham, Egg & Swiss Croissant
  • Bacon, Egg & Cheddar Sandwich
  • And more

Coffee Of The Day

 Menu Size Price
Make It A Depth Charge® $0.80
French Press $3.59
Canteen $11.99

Cold Press Iced Coffee

 Menu SizePrice 
Cold PressSmall$2.39
Cold PressMedium$2.79
Cold PressLarge$3.09
Growler $14.99
Growler w/Refills $12.99


Menu Size Price 
Hot & Iced  
Northern Lite Latte (Caramel, Hazelnut, Vanilla or Raspberry)Small$3.99
Northern Lite Latte (Caramel, Hazelnut, Vanilla or Raspberry)Medium$4.39
Northern Lite Latte (Caramel, Hazelnut, Vanilla or Raspberry)Large$4.69
Tea Latte (Chai, Pomegranate Vanilla, or Decaf Vanilla)Small$3.39
Tea Latte (Chai, Pomegranate Vanilla, or Decaf Vanilla)Medium$3.79
Tea Latte (Chai, Pomegranate Vanilla, or Decaf Vanilla)Large$4.09
Hot ChocolateSmall$3.19
Hot ChocolateMedium$3.59
Hot ChocolateLarge$3.89


 MenuSize Price 
Make It Your Own  
Flavor Shots or Chocolate $0.80
Soy Milk $0.80
Extra Espresso Shot or Whip $0.80
Hot, Iced or Blended  
Berry White, Campfire, Mint Condition, Turtle or Vanilla White MochaSmall$4.29
Berry White, Campfire, Mint Condition, Turtle or Vanilla White MochaMedium$4.69
Berry White, Campfire, Mint Condition, Turtle or Vanilla White MochaLarge$4.99
Caramel High RiseSmall$4.29
Caramel High RiseMedium$4.69
Caramel High RiseLarge$4.99
Coolers & Smoothies  
Caribou Cooler (Caramel, Chocolate or Vanilla)Small$4.29
Caribou CoolerMedium$4.69
Caribou CoolerLarge$4.99
Fruit & Yogurt Smoothie (Strawberry Banana, White Peach Berry or Mango Orange Key Lime)Small$4.29
Fruit & Yogurt SmoothieMedium$4.69
Fruit & Yogurt SmoothieLarge$4.99
Teas & Juices  
Still or Sparkling (Green Tea Lemonade, Peach Black Tea or Lemon Ginger Pomegranate)Small$2.79
Still or SparklingMedium$3.19
Still or SparklingLarge$3.49
Hot TeaSmall$2.09
Hot TeaMedium$2.39
Hot TeaLarge$2.59
Iced Tea (Classic Black, Mango Black, Tropical Green, Pomegranate Oolong or Decaf Rooibos)Small$2.09
Iced TeaMedium$2.39
Iced TeaLarge$2.59
Caribou Coffee Menu
Caribou Coffee Menu

Kids’ Drinks

Menu Price 
10 & Under 
Kids Cooler (Cookies & Cream or Hot Chocolate)$1.99
Silly Soda (Cherry or Raspberry)$1.99
Fruit & Yogurt Smoothie (Strawberry Banana, White Peach Berry or Mango Orange Key Lime)$1.99
Hot Cider$1.99
Hot Chocolate$1.99


Menu  Price
Six Grain Blend$2.79
Maple Brown Sugar Crunch$2.79
Blueberry Almond$2.79

Toasted Sandwiches

Menu  Price
Roast Turkey Ciabatta$4.99
Ham and Gruyere Pretzel Roll$4.99
Turkey and Brie Baguette$4.99
Three Cheese Classic$3.99

Breakfast Sandwiches

 Menu Price
Chicken Apple Sausage$3.49
Sausage Egg & Cheese Biscuit$3.49
Egg White & Turkey Bacon$3.49
Turkey Bacon Mini$1.99
Spinach, Egg & Swiss Mini$1.99

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What is unique about Caribou Coffee?

They use real chocolate chips in most of their drinks. Apart from this, the Pumpkin loaded drinks like Pumpkin Mocha and Pumpkin Latte are delicious and nutritious as well.

What is the most popular Caribou Coffee?

The Nitro Mocha has been a fan favorite recently. Of course, their Blended Mocha drinks are too good to miss at any time of the day.

Does Panera own Caribou Coffee?

Yes. Caribou has merged with Panera breads to come under Panera brands network. All the franchising has now come under Panera Brands.

What does Caribou Coffee taste like?

The caribou blend tastes smooth, woodsy, little spicy notes and overall a medium roast with a touch of sweetness and acidic. If you need a perfect cup of Coffee, Caribou is definitely one to try out.

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