Checkers menu – Garlic & Bacon Buford – Seasoned Monsterella Stix

Checkers is a chain of drive-in restaurants in the United States of America. They function in around 28 states in America and also in the District of Colombia. The big and bold flavors of Checkers menu with prices “The Garlic & Butter Bacon Buford Burger” paired with the “Famous Seasoned Fries” is the most loved by our guests.

The Checkers & Rally’s Famous Seasoned Fries is recently named one of the Most Craveable Fries in America along with the Checkers Fry-Seasoned Monsterella Stix. You can also look for the best Checkers Drive-In Restaurants menu with prices that are burgers, chicken, hot dogs, classic wings, fries and sides, sweet sides, chill stop, and soft drinks.

The “Chill Stop” is a beverage menu at Checkers that serves Slushies and Fruity Freeze Slushies.


They are nothing but an icy with slushie tropical punch treat. The below three are the flavors served on Checkers menu with prices.

  • Fanta® Fruit Punch
  • Fanta® Blue Raspberry
  • Fanta® Watermelon


Fruity Freeze Slushies carry jointly the smooth consistency of a slushie with entire fruit. You can choose from either Fruity Freeze Strawberry or Fruity Freeze Mango.

(Combo Includes Fries and Drink)

Big Buford $4.69
Big Buford – Combo Small$6.79
Big Buford – ComboMedium $7.29
Big Buford – Combo Large$7.79
Baconzilla! $5.19
Baconzilla! – ComboSmall $7.19
Baconzilla! – Combo Medium$7.49
Baconzilla! – ComboLarge $8.19
Cheese Champ $3.39
Cheese Champ – ComboSmall $5.49
Cheese Champ – Combo Medium$5.99
Cheese Champ – Combo Large$6.49
Bacon Roadhouse $4.49
Bacon Roadhouse – ComboSmall $6.49
Bacon Roadhouse – ComboMedium $6.99
Bacon Roadhouse – ComboLarge $7.49
Bacon Cheese Champ $3.99
Bacon Cheese Champ – ComboSmall  $6.19
Bacon Cheese Champ – ComboMedium  $6.59
Bacon Cheese Champ – ComboLarge  $6.99
Double Rally Burger with Cheese $2.79
Double Rally Burger with Cheese – ComboSmall  $5.69
Double Rally Burger with Cheese – ComboMedium  $6.19
Double Rally Burger with Cheese – Combo Large $6.69
Checkers menu
Checkers menu

Chicken Combos

Half-Pound Chicken Bites $3.49
Half-Pound Chicken Bites – Combo Small  $5.79
Half-Pound Chicken Bites – ComboMedium  $6.29
Half-Pound Chicken Bites – Combo Large $6.79
Chicken Strips4 Pc.$3.29
Chicken Strips – ComboSmall  $5.29
Chicken Strips – ComboMedium  $5.99
Chicken Strips – ComboLarge $6.29
Big Chicken Sandwich $2.99
Big Chicken Sandwich – ComboSmall   $5.49
Big Chicken Sandwich – ComboMedium   $5.99
Big Chicken Sandwich – Combo Large $6.49
Spicy Chicken Sandwich $2.19
Spicy Chicken Sandwich – ComboSmall   $4.99
Spicy Chicken Sandwich – ComboMedium   $5.49
Spicy Chicken Sandwich – ComboLarge  $5.99
Classic Wings5 Pc.$5.69
Classic Wings – ComboSmall  $7.99
Classic Wings – ComboMedium  $8.49
Classic Wings – ComboLarge $8.99
Deep Sea Double $3.99
Deep Sea Double – ComboSmall   $5.79
Deep Sea Double – Combo Medium  $6.29
Deep Sea Double – ComboLarge  $6.79
Chili Dog $1.49
Chili Dog – ComboSmall   $4.59
Chili Dog – ComboMedium   $5.19
Chili Dog – Combo Large $5.59
Rallyburger with Cheese $1.89
Rallyburger with Cheese – Combo Small  $4.99
Rallyburger with Cheese – ComboMedium   $5.49
Rallyburger with Cheese – Combo Large $5.99

Classic Wing
(Buffalo, Honey BBQ, Asian Kick, Angry Buffalo, and Garlic Parmesan)

Combo5 Pc.$7.99
Combo10 Pc.$11.99
Party20 Pc.$18.49
Party40 Pc.$29.99
Box5 Pc.$5.69
Box10 Pc.$9.49
Ranch or Blue Cheese $0.49

Single Values

Classic Cone $1.00
Value Drink16 oz.$1.19
Dasani Water $1.00
All American Cheeseburger $1.00
Grilled Hot Dog $1.00
B.L.T. $1.00
Value Fries $1.49
Rallyburger $1.39
Chili Cheese Dog $1.99
Snack Milkshake $1.69
Chili Cheeseburger $1.99
Crispy Fish Sandwich $1.99
Lil’ BBQ Roadhouse Burger $1.19
Bacon All American Cheeseburger $1.59
Chicken Bites Box $2.00
Tea32 oz.$1.00

Famous Seasoned Fries

FriesFry Lover’s XL$4.29
Fully Loaded Fries $3.29
Cheese Chili Cheese Fries $3.29
Baconzilla! Fries $3.29
Monsterrella Stix4 Pc.$1.99
Monsterrella Stix6 Pc.$2.99
Garlic Parm Fries & Stix (Limited Time) $2.99

More for Less Menu

Fry Lover’s Burger $3.00
Spicy Chicken Sandwich $3.00
Medium Drink32 oz.$3.00
Mushroom Swissburger $3.00
Crispy Fish Sandwich $3.00
Chili Dog $3.00
Bacon Rallyburger with Cheese $4.00
Big Chicken Sandwich $4.00
Spicy Chicken Deluxe $4.00
Cheese Double $4.00
Deep Sea Double $5.00
Double Rallyburger with Cheese $5.00
Spicy Chicken Double $5.00
Big Chicken Deluxe $5.00
Bacon Cheddar Crisp Double (Limited Time) $5.00

Cold Creations

Milk Shake (Chocolate, Banana, Strawberry, or Vanilla)Snack$1.69
Milk Shake (Chocolate, Banana, Strawberry, or Vanilla)Small$2.99
Milk Shake (Chocolate, Banana, Strawberry, or Vanilla)Medium$3.39
Milk Shake (Chocolate, Banana, Strawberry, or Vanilla)Large$3.99
Loaded Milkshake (Banana Split or Oreo Raspberry)Small$3.78
Loaded Milkshake (Banana Split or Oreo Raspberry)Medium$4.18
Loaded Milkshake (Banana Split or Oreo Raspberry)Large$4.78
Sundae Stacker (Strawberry Cheesecake or Oreo Raspberry) $1.99
Deep Dish Sundae (Strawberry Cheesecake or Oreo) $3.99
Waffle Cone (Vanilla, Chocolate, or Swirl) $1.49
Classic Cone or Cup (Vanilla, Chocolate, or Swirl) $1.00

Kids Meals

Hot Dog$3.19
Chicken Bites$3.49


Classic Funnel Cake$1.49
Loaded Strawberry Funnel Cake$2.29
Cinnamon Apple Pie$1.00

Ice Cold Drinks


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I see many burgers on the Checkers menu. Do you have any opinion on which would be the tastiest and fast-moving?

The old classic “Checkerburger” and B.L.T burger, also known as the bacon, lettuce, and tomato burger are the tastiest and fast-moving burgers in Checkers drive-in restaurants.

I would like to drive in as a couple to Checkers. Are there any combo deals for us to share among?

Checkers offer more than 15 combo deals on their menu. It would be great for you and your love to order a “Big Buford Combo” along with the “Checkerburger” to enjoy the beautiful sunset at Checkers.

I’ve planned to spend my time with my mom over the weekend. She likes brownies the most. Do you recommend any?

Two classic desserts join in harmony! Checkers has introduced the new Chocolate Chip “Brookie”. Warm chocolate fudge brownie baked soft with velvety caramel and milk chocolate chips on top of a chocolate chip cookie.

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