Whataburger Menu – Bacon Blue Cheese Burger – Breakfast menu

Whataburger – An American fast food chain restaurant based in San Antonio, Texas in 1950. The first restaurant of its chain was opened in Corpus Christi, Texas by Harmon Dobson and Paul Burton. The Whataburger menu specializes in Hamburgers, Bacon Blue cheese burgers, triple meat burgers, Justaburger, etc.

There are more than 670 stores in the state of Texas and over 150 in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and the Southern USA, of which 126 are franchised.

The quality of beef they prepare for their burgers is ground by them or it’s called their “special blend” that is pronounced. Not only does Whataburger concentrates on their quality of meat; however, they also pay close attention to the bun, cheese, and toppings.

The “standard Whataburger” is constructed with lettuce, mustard, tomatoes, diced onions, and pickles on a five-inch toasted bun.

But one of the special ways of things about Whataburger is one can order their burger any way they prefer and they won’t even wink or blink. This makes anyone so beloved of them. I always prefer a Whataburger with mayonnaise, cheese, jalapeños, lettuce, pickles, and tomatoes.

Earlier the Whataburger was just a portable stand, but the first A-frame store was built in 1961, painted with creative designs of the now iconic orange and white stripes. Indeed, one can easily spot a Whataburger even from the sky.

(Meals include french fries and drink)

Whataburger – Meal$5.59
Double Meat Whataburger$4.59
Double Meat Whataburger – Meal$6.74
Triple Meat Whataburger$6.09
Triple Meat Whataburger – Meal$7.89
Jalapeño & Cheese Whataburger$4.09
Jalapeño & Cheese Whataburger – Meal$6.09
Bacon & Cheese Whataburger$4.79
Bacon & Cheese Whataburger – Meal$6.64
Double Meat Whataburger Jr.$3.09
Double Meat Whataburger Jr. – Meal$5.24
Whataburger Jr.$2.19
Whataburger Jr. – Meal$4.34
Chop House Cheddar Burger (Limited Time)$5.39
Chop House Cheddar Burger – Meal (Limited Time)$7.39

(Meals include french fries and drink)

Whatachick’n Sandwich $3.94
Whatachick’n Sandwich – Meal $6.24
Grilled Chicken Sandwich $3.94
Grilled Chicken Sandwich – Meal $6.24
Chicken Fajita Taco $3.94
Chicken Fajita Taco – Meal $6.24
Whatachick’n Strips3 Pc.$3.89
Whatachick’n Strips – Meal3 Pc.$5.99
Whatachick’n Bites6 Pc.$3.59
Whatachick’n Bites – Meal6 Pc.$5.99
Whatachick’n Bites9 Pc.$4.99
Whatachick’n Bites – Meal9 Pc.$6.99
Grilled Chicken Melt $4.19
Grilled Chicken Melt – Meal $6.49
Whataburger Menu
Whataburger Menu

(Meals Include Hash Brown Sticks and Choice of Coffee, Drink, or Milk)

Taquito with Cheese $2.54
Taquito with Cheese – Meal $4.19
Breakfast On A Bun $2.64
Breakfast On A Bun – Meal $4.24
Biscuit Sandwich $2.79
Biscuit Sandwich – Meal $4.29
Pancake Platter $3.49
Pancake Platter – Meal $4.39
Breakfast Platter $3.19
Breakfast Platter – Meal $4.39
Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit $2.59
Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit – Meal $4.24
Biscuit & Gravy $2.04
Biscuit & Gravy – Meal $3.74
Taquito $2.14
Biscuit Sandwich (Egg & Cheese) $1.89
Biscuit $0.99
Cinnamon Roll1 Pc.$1.79
Cinnamon Roll6 Pc.$9.29
Pancakes $2.59
Egg Sandwich $1.74
Hash Brown Sticks $1.54
Jalapeno Cheddar Biscuit Sandwich (Limited Time) $2.79
Jalapeno Cheddar Biscuit Sandwich – Meal (Limited Time) $4.29

All-Time Favorites

Whataburger Patty Melt$5.39
Whataburger Patty Melt – Meal$7.39
A.1. Thick & Hearty Burger$5.39
A.1. Thick & Hearty Burger – Meal$7.39
Monterey Melt$5.39
Monterey Melt – Meal$7.39
Honey BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwich$5.39
Honey BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwich – Meal$7.39

For The Kids
(Meals Include Drink or Milk, French Fries or Apple Slices, and Cookie)

Justaburger $3.19
Whatachick’n Strips2 Pc.$3.79
Whatachick’n Bites4 Pc.$3.79
Grilled Cheese $3.39

Lunch & Dinner

 Menu Price
Bacon & Cheese Whataburger Jr.$3.39
Double Meat Whataburger Jr. with Cheese$3.49
Chicken Fajita Taco$3.94
Grilled Chicken Melt$4.19
Grilled Chicken Sandwich$3.94
Whatacatch Sandwich$3.59


Apple & Cranberry Chicken Salad$6.29
Garden Salad with Chicken$5.99
Garden Salad$4.04

Drinks & Shakes

 Menu Size Price 
Soft Drinks & Tea16 oz.$1.29
Soft Drinks & Tea20 oz.$1.59
Soft Drinks & Tea32 oz.$1.84
Soft Drinks & Tea44 oz.$2.09
Coffee12 oz.$1.29
Coffee16 oz.$1.44
Coffee20 oz.$1.69
Shakes & Malts (Chocolate, Strawberry, or Vanilla)16 oz.$2.34
Shakes & Malts (Chocolate, Strawberry, or Vanilla)20 oz.$2.79
Shakes & Malts (Chocolate, Strawberry, or Vanilla)32 oz.$3.29
Orange Juice $1.84
Milk $1.29


 Menu Size Price 
French FriesSmall$1.54
French FriesMedium$1.84
French FriesLarge$2.09
Onion RingsMedium$2.09
Onion RingsLarge$2.39
Apple Slices $1.49

Desserts & Snacks

Menu Size Price  
Hot Apple or Lemon Pie $0.99
Fruit Chews $0.49
Cinnamon Roll1 Pc.$1.79
Cinnamon Roll6 Pc.$9.29
Chocolate Chunk Cookie $0.99
Sugar Cookie $0.99

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What cheese is used in the burgers?

It is purely the American cheese used as they go well with the meat and the burgers.

Is the American cheese special?

The American cheese is a little bit milder end, but it has a kind of funk to it towards the back end of the flavor profile, so the burgers always fraternize with the American cheese only.

Besides their classic burgers, what are the other menus served?

Excluding the traditional hamburgers and classic burgers, they also serve chophouse cheddars, salads, chicken tenders, and fajita tacos.

Is there a breakfast menu special in Whataburger?

Whataburger is a popular spot for breakfast when you find special taquitos.

What are the core products of the restaurant?

The core products are Whataburger, Whataburger Jr., Triple Meat Whataburger, Bacon & Cheese Whataburger, Justaburger, Whatacatch, and Whatachick’n.

What is a box deal in the Whataburger menu of 2022?

Whataburger newly released an offer called, “build your burger boxes.” This offer can feed up to 10 people that are available with single and double patties.

The boxes are complete with the condiments and fixings like lettuce, tomatoes, onions and pickles. The box deals are available for purchase online at all locations.

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